Today's Thought

There are two ways to get enough;
one is to continue to accumulate more and more.
The other is to desire less.

G.K. Chesterton

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Feathered Friends

Some pictures I took yesterday from some of the birds visiting our feeders.
Blue Jay

Brown Creeper -  A very difficult bird to capture as he never sits still.

Brown Creeper

Downey Woodpecker
I hate having my picture taken!

Magpie - see I am smiling!
Magpie - Nice goodies you have today.

Redpoll -  Also a difficult bird to photograph


Ruffed Grouse - I am doing a good job posing!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter is Snow, Cookies and Muffins

It has been snowing here for the last few days and there is no better way to fight the cold than eating some fresh baked cookies and muffins and an nice fire to keep us warm.

And after we go out for a quick walk and to enjoy the new snowfall we had during the night.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cracked Open

One of our clues for our Picture Winter class was cracks.  This was our clue for January 6th and I was hoping to go out and take pictures of the cracks in the ice of our lake here but unfortunately the snow had covered them all up.  Today, January 11th, I went for a walk on the lake again and new cracks had formed so I was able to take my pictures after all.

A crack in the ice.

Close-up of the crack in the ice.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our New Fireplace

I have not been able to take any pictures today but I did try and make a digital scrapbook movie about our new fireplace installation on Thursday but I will have to work on it some more before I can show it.  Here are some of the pictures we took as a preview.

The old fireplace
The new fireplace


Chickadee - taken January 06, 2011
This is a picture of a Chickadee I took on January 6th.  The weather was so nice I had a chance to sit outside on the steps and try to take pictures of the birds who visit us on a daily basis.  This Chickadee was the only one who sat still long enough to take a picture of.
The scenery outside is sure different today as we got a thick blanket of snow overnight.  I will have to go out later on today to capture this on film as well.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back again from my afternoon walk.

Well I did not get to take the pictures I really wanted to take on my walk, which was of a flock of birds I had seen yesterday.  Yesterday I was not able to identify the birds so was hoping to take some pictures today so I could look it up in our bird book and compare.  But I did take some pictures of a very old farmhouse which may not be standing there in the near future due to its age or may be to make room for 'development'.

Old Farmhouse - My kids use to call this the house with the trees growing in it.
For them it was the landmark to turn to go to our cabin at the lake.

Wednesday January 05, 2011

Good morning!  Our day has started here and what a great day it will be.  The sun is just coming above the horizon, the birds are busy eating the food I put out for them and the temperature is rising (minus 10 Celsius).  My camera is loading so I can take it out for a walk this afternoon.
Here I sit plugged in so I can go for a walk later today!

I will be back later with pictures.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year A New Outlook

Hello, yes it is January 1, 2011 and I just created this blog so I can post and talk about my pictures.  First of all I am a NEW photographer and never really have been very interested in taking pictures.  Last year my husband bought me my first camera and fell in love with what I could do with it.  It is still a very simple camera (Point and Shoot as they say) but it is just right for me to learn on how to take pictures.
Here you can see some of the pictures I took last year during our Spring and Fall vacations.

And my latest pictures from our first snowfall in November of 2010.